Laboratory’s involvement in scientific research has become a means of encouraging curiosity and greater understanding of science while providing an unprecedented engagement between professional scientists and the general public.

The Globe Program® promotes full and open sharing of its data for educational and scientific purposes. Citizens and scientists are working together collecting data to investigate how the Earth function as a system. ~/tinycore.lab is interested in take measurements of environment and biodiversity on mt. Olympus National Park and explore alpine ecosystem’s complexity.
You’re always welcome to participate and contribute as a citizen scientist, educator, student or STEM professional to take part in a dynamic Earth science research mission. Find a Globe Team or join us! If you want to contribute, set up your account by becoming a member, complete in-person and/or e-training and contact us to get your referral code!

Member training history:
Team: tinycore lab
Organization: Greece GLOBE v-School
Account status: GLOBE Observer

 Module  Sphere  Completed
 Introduction to GLOBE  n/a  14.03.20
 Introduction to Atmosphere  Atmosphere  22.03.20
 Clouds  Atmosphere  22.03.20
 Surface temperature  Atmosphere  22.03.20
 Air temperature  Atmosphere  23.03.20
 Precipitation-Rain  Atmosphere  25.03.20
 Relative humidity  Atmosphere  26.03.20
 Barometric pressure  Atmosphere  26.03.20
 Precipitation-Snow  Atmosphere  01.04.20
 Aerosols  Atmosphere  01.04.20
 Introduction to Hydrosphere  Hydrosphere  15.04.20
 Water temperature  Hydrosphere  15.04.20
 Water pH  Hydrosphere  16.04.20
 Alkalinity  Hydrosphere  16.04.20
 Electrical conductivity  Hydrosphere  16.04.20
 Water transparency  Hydrosphere  18.04.20

[Laboratory’s Instrument shelter which is used in atmosphere’s measurements]